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Trailblazing solar energy for Edmonton.

Integrated solar arrays with smart energy management.

With your lifestyle in mind, we deliver integrated solar arrays with smart energy management for residential homes. We love helping Edmontonians live greener and save money on their energy bills by providing fully connected, turn-key sustainable energy solutions. Connect with us for more information on how you can dynamically control your energy consumption and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Solar panel installation on house in Edmonton
Solar Panel Installation
Energy management sytems

Reliable, clean power whenever you need it.

Our team of experts offers you a free consultation and then handles all stages of our quality-guaranteed installation process. Paired with our Savant Power technology platform you can seamlessly integrate renewable and traditional sources of power generation with an energy storage system.

Take control of your energy consumption and lose your dependence on the grid!

Boreal Solar installation in Sherwood Park
Boreal solar panel installation in rural Alberta
Solar panel installation in Edmonton

Explore our cutting-edge selection of PV (solar panel) products, featuring a range of popular options like grid-tie, battery back-up, and off-grid systems. Choose from on-ground or roofing system mounts to tailor the installation to your preferences. We are dedicated to customizing the design and installation to meet your specific needs, ensuring you maximize the potential of your solar power system.

City View

Harvesting Sunshine in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton offers an average of 2299 hours and 321 days of sunlight annually—an incredible opportunity to harness solar power. By tapping into this abundant resource, you can save significantly on energy costs while reducing your environmental footprint. For those eager to seize this opportunity, contact us today.

Take a holistic approach to solar.

Our smart energy management, powered by Savant Energy, allows you to tie in other home automation systems as well for HVAC, irrigation, pool controls, lighting, and many more. Having all your energy needs on the same platform unlocks additional efficiencies—and savings.

Tier 1
Solar Panels

Monitor usage data with the Savant Pro App

Improved performance with battery backup

Electric vehicle charging system at home

Use solar energy anytime with a battery backup.

Embrace a cleaner and more sustainable energy future by integrating a battery backup system into your solar project. With this addition, you can draw 100% clean, renewable energy at any time, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply. By storing excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours, you ensure a seamless transition to clean power during periods of low sunlight or high energy demand.

Solar Incentives

Boreal's experts are dedicated to guiding you and your family through the selection process of the ideal system size and technology for your home. Additionally, we will assess your eligibility for any current grants or financing. Trust us to ensure that your solar solution not only meets your needs but also takes advantage of available financial incentives.

Solar panel installation, rails.

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